An event can be much more than a good party with delicious food and tasty drinks. Concept catering is a new trend within the industry. With concept catering we implement the overall theme into every aspect of the event. From the design of the invitations, to the food and its presentation, the styling of the location, up to the costumes of our personnel.

We organized a fundraising dinner for 250 people in the Curacao Zoo. In good nature spirit, we chose for an organic theme. Our menu was locally inspired with herbs and vegetables from the island’s farmers and fresh tuna out of the surrounding sea. For the occasion, our lovely Culi Girls were dressed in pink overalls. Two 30-meter long tables were set up on the lawn under the trees. Buckets served as wine-coolers and empty jam jars were filled with wild flowers. Guests loved our wooden farmer-style buffet built with hay bundles. After a delicious dinner, the empty plates were collected by the Culi Girls in pink wheel barrels.